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            CONTESTS… !!!

All registered users of the site can participate in photo contests. It is important for the photos to correspond to the contest nominations. The purpose of the contest is to attract more attention of people of the other sex to your profile. In Comments under photo you can write where and when this photo was taken, or just write some short and understandable comment. Profile in a photo contest attracts attention of many visitors. Women with a great pleasure vote and look through TOP of leades of nominations of men. If your photo appears to be among leaders hundreds of potential brides will see you and will hurry to meet with you.

If You Like Me game
Many people had a lot of situations when taking first steps in communication they do not receive any attention in response. It can lead some vulnerable persons to disappointment, or they start to search disadvantages in themselves. Though usually one does not remember that another person whom you like the same as you has the right to like some other person, and not you. The game suggested by our site will help to know if attraction is mutual. So at the initial stage of communication it will be already clear with whom you have prospectives to develop a dialogue, and with whom no. Choose your best photo and start playing. If you just started to play you can see your matches in the game only in 1-2 days.

Internet dating

Internet erased borders between countries and continents. Distances in hundreds of thousands of kilometers do not exist in Internet and foreigners who used to be so far sometimes appear to be more close and dear than relatives, friends and acquaintances. It is not surprising that after meeting with women from other countries men create family with pleasure. If you are still searching for your second half then register on our dating site. Fill in your profile, trying to show traits of your character as much as possible. In long answers to the questions of profile write how your potential girlfriend should be like, her age, appearance.

PHOTOS. It is the first...and quite often, the last thing that a woman sees in your profile. If your photos are of very bad quality or you do not have them at all then do not be naive and do not wait that somebody will try to write what you wrote in your profile and know your intelligence and humour which you tried to show in long answers to questions. Upload 2-4 good photos in your profile. Most part of amateur photos taken at home it is better to send in private correspondence to women.


You do not speak foreign languages yet, but you would like to meet women from abroad? Free multi-language online-translator will help you in communication on the site. Automatic translation of all the letters will make the dialogue easier.

But if you really want to establish family life with a foreigner and understand her always then start to learn language of the country where she is from. Meanwhile our free online-translator will help you in communicaton with her.

Psychological compatibility test

During communication with women you can use a free psychologic test to know your compatibility with a potential wife.

Red hearts under photos

Red hearts below main photos of the users mean your psychological compatibility with a woman (the system of the site is programmed to be this way). If you see all red hearts under photos it means good compatibility, pink ones - average compatibility, violet ones - bad compatibility. If all 5 hearts are red it means that compatibility is very good. It does not guarantee that you fall in love with each other, but in our practice without it relationships do not turn into good ones and there can appear problems on some later stage. If compatibility is not good then read about problems which can appear and decide if you can live with them. During meeting with women use all the means to know better your potential partner.

Important to know

You can exchange contact data with women after some short period of communication on the site. Please, do not send your email address in the first letter as it is typical for scammers and it can scare women. You should not pay per contact on our site. You pay for period of membership, during which you can communicate with women unlimitedly. Always apply to support if you have any questions.

Dating agency is uniting hearts



Do you know which photos attract more attention? With a smile! So smile! People want warmth, attention and love. Ask your friends or relatives to help you to make interesting photos. Another variant is to apply to professional photographers. Do not be afraid to spend time for photos of good quality. The better your photos in profile are - the easier searches of future wife will be.



Are you waiting for her letters? Are you dreaming about her every day? Are you in love? Do not be shy to ask your girl when you can come for a real meeting. Only real meeting will show if you are really created for each other. Only after a real meeting you two can be called a couple.

We do not sell contact data of the girls. You are just communicating in a safe way on the site and searching for your destiny. We do not pay to anybody for writing of emails. We have real people on the site who search for real relationships. Never react to requests of sending money or presents. If somebody is asking you about that report this woman to manager.

They are going to celebrate birthdays soon. Write them a wish, it is a good reason for meeting

Search of a bride

      "How not to make a mistake while choosing a partner? How you can see that this person will be your destiny? I do not know if you respond to such questions or no, but I need an advice. How one should behave correctly during correspondence and meeting?"

      This is a letter sent to one of our managers. Users ask for advice or emotional support during searches.

      In Internet communication the same as in real life there are no standard situations to which you can give some definite answers.

      As a rule, during communication on the site one needs to have several contacts for dialogue. Try to communicate not with one woman, but with several. Do not concentrate your attention on one object only. During communication with several women you will be able to understand that you are more attracted to one of the woman and you are more interested to answer to her than to others. Your attraction should be formed and you should realize it.

     If your attraction is mutual, dialogue is developing easily, subjects for conversations become more personal, then advice of some other persons will be not needed. Between pople in love there is some special energetics that cannot be understood by other people. So pieces of advice given by other people quite often can be ruining. If something in communication with the person whom you love starts to make you nevous then stop for a moment, look at relationships from a side and think if where are you going and if you are going with the right person.


Beautiful girls from Russia & Europe, want to meet , and chat on the site:

      During communication in Internet try to avoid jealousy and persuit of a partner as we all came to the site to search and to choose. The choice can be done only from multiple options. Your task is not to remove other people from her life (she will do it by herself), but to develop relationships, to make it so that a woman will be happy to talk and to see you, for her to wait for you and to want to see you as often as possible. The more jealousy or suspicion - the more difficult it is to build prospective relationships. We think it to be correct to communicate with several persons before meeting in real. Only real meeting helps to understand that it is the person whom you are searching for, because quite often there is a very warm correspondence, everything is great, but you met and nothing, just disappointment from both sides. So leave a chance for you and for your woman to return to the site if there will suddenly happen some disappointment after a meeting.

      Every day hundreds of new nice beautiful women register on the site. Look through new profiles and start new acquaintances. Do not be shy to write compliments to women. No woman will stay indifferent to such words!!!

Take initiative in meeting

Do not be shy to take initiative! Women respond actively to attention of men and to attempts to start a communication. More active men can become more happy ones!!! So hurry up to send a wink or a letter to a woman that you like!

What from to start the first letter to a woman?

A standard solution can be start of a dialogue basing on some info stated in profile. Looking through profiles of women you can see their interests and hobbies.

During communication on the site try to avoid conflict situations and mutual negative communication. You came to search for happiness, not in search of bad emotions!!! If you do not like communication with some person you can always block receiving messages from her.

If during communication you have some questions apply to our managers. In bottom of this page find and click the link Contact us. In the opened page fill in the form for a message
Beautiful girls from Russia and Europe. Dating online. Girls want to meet , and chat on the site now. 32

Do not miss your chance!

Maybe your future wife has just registered on our site and her heart is jumping waiting for a possible meeting. Hurry up and you will definitely have success.

What women do you like? What foreign bride are you seacrhing for? Look through galleries of women on our international dating sit and make your choice. Maybe she is brunette? Or blonde? Big smile and cheerful glance? Or maybe you will see a warm glance of a woman who is waiting for you?

Our site helps to lonely hearts to find each other. We will help you to find your future wife!


Dating site - an island of happiness

You have been searching for your love for so long time, and finally you have found her! You continue talking on the site, but sometimes you want to stay alone with her so much.

Use the function Hide profile and your profile will be visible only to those people with whom you are communicating.

We create comfortable conditions both for active meetings and for private communication!

Online CHAT - be closer to your interlocutor

Do you like chatting?! Is live communication better for you than letters? Do you think that chats are a quick and quite effective way of meeting? Then our online CHAT is for you!

Now you can log into it not only when yuo are on the site, but from any communicator or cell phone. It is reliable and works at all people. Our chat is Jabber (Jabber today is the most active developing and the most prospective system for instant messaging on the basis of open protocol XMPP). So to connect to chat one needs just a Jabber-client, and they are everywhere!

Thanks to CHAT meetings with the women will be more dynamic. If you install CHAT in your cell phone then it will be easier and faster for women to start dialogue with you.

8473 - the total number of women on the site (in the seen gallery)

6495 - the total number of women from Russia

381 - the total number of women from Ukraine

648 - the total number of women from Belorussia

949 - the total number of women from из other countries

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Beautiful girls from Russia & Europe, want to meet , and chat on the site:

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